How to

List Your Future Tournaments

To get your tournaments listed on the GJGR site, you must download and submit the attached Excel 2018 Future Tournaments. Please follow the directions on the sheet showing all the tournaments you want listed for rankings. Email the completed sheet to:

How to

Post Your Tournament Results

Please submit the complete results (including any cuts) for your event(s) as soon as your event(s) conclude using the attached Excel template. (See sample shown below.)

Examples of Excel Template

All information must be filled in completely. All fields are required and we cannot accept any incomplete spreadsheet(s). Make sure to include the tournament name, date and course name/location where the tournament was played at the top of each spreadsheet.

You have one week following the event to email the tournament results to us in order to be ranked. Email us the completed document at:

A tournament must have a minimum of five players that have completed 18 holes. Please include all players who started the event when you fill out the spreadsheet. This is needed to determine total field size. For any players who start the event but do not finish, please select WD, DQ or MC in the appropriate “Round” column.

If you have a playoff for the first-place finisher, please indicate which player wins the playoff by Placing a "Y" in the "Won Tournament Playoff" column.

Weather should be determined as follows:

This should be based on the average weather during the full tournament. All weather will be verified by a GJGR staff member.