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This is the most comprehensive Junior Golf Ranking site in the world. Global Junior Golf Rankings ™ rank one-day and multi-day tournaments by state and region in over 240 countries for players ages 5-19.

Top Junior Golfers Worldwide

Global Junior Golf Rankings™ ranks junior golfers by calculating each week's performance in the categories of
Boys and Girls participating in junior golf tournaments worldwide.


1. Matthew Griggs Prosper, TX USA 2021 -4.7
2. Cameron Barzekoff Mesa, AZ USA 2018 -2.92
3. Sean Kato Redmond, WA USA 2018 -3.25
4. Matthew Watkins Heath, TX USA 2020 -2.9
5. Dongjin Park Seoul USA 2019 -3.87
6. Tyler Jones Westerville, OH USA 2019 -2.55


1. Mikah McDonnell Webster, NY USA 2019 -2.72
2. Emily Kase North Tonawanda, NY USA 2019 -1.95
3. Anna Takahashi Grapevine, TX USA 2019 -1.15
4. Sammy Lee San Ramon, CA USA 2019 -0.7
5. Hannah Harrison Granite Bay, CA USA 2022 -0.5
6. Victoria Tse CALGARY, AB Canada 2018 0.3

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